Learn to Run

Come out and start your journey with us!

Do you watch runners go by you and think that is something you could never do? Well, that is not true! Our Learn to Run program is here to help kickstart your running in the right way.

This 6 week program will be a combination of walks and runs to help gradually build up your running endurance. Our coaches will help you feel successful every time you hit the pavement and make sure you warm-up and stretch properly!

So stop thinking about running and come out and start your journey with us!

  • 6 weeks
  • 2x per week.
  • Meet in the Big Sky Lobby
  • Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Course dates:
    July 18th - August 24th
    (no class on August 1st)



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Douglas Glen