Big Sky Fitness Member Update – Big Sky TV

Posted March 31st, 2023 by Big Sky Fitness

Big Sky Fitness Member Update – Big Sky TV

During the first days of the covid closures our team decided to film some classes for our members and the general public to use while we were closed and the Group Instructors and Personal Trainers stepped up big time, filming over 70 classes.

Since then, for the last almost three years, we have left those videos up on the website and for a good portion of that time they did receive really good views, however in the last few months, the views have dropped off significantly and we have decided to take these now outdated videos down from the site. 

We know there are a few people that might still be enjoying some of these videos. We want to be sure you still have a chance to utilize this content if you’d like to. If that is you, please reply to this email with the particular videos that are your favourites and we will provide you access to them via our YouTube page instead. 

Thank you for your attention to these videos, it makes us so happy to know they were enjoyed for so long. We hope to see you in club for our fabulous in person classes

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