Member Services Update November 2023

Posted November 2nd, 2023 by Brian R. Strong, CEO

Men's Steam Room Update

As per our last update, the men’s steam room was deemed to be completely demo’d, right down to the studs, and also saw the floor having to be jack hammered. This work is 100% completed. While this demo work was being completed, I had to have much broader discussions with 5 specific trades, all tied to the overall failure of the original steam rooms. Needless to say, the cost to entirely rebuild each steam room, to the new specifications, is very expensive. Much more expensive than the originally planned repair work. These negotiations, and what each party is responsible for (vs. consequences), took the better part of October. All these negotiations are now completed and agreed upon with all trades, for both steam rooms. As such, the next stage of the men’s steam room (installation of the new water proofing membrane system), will begin next week and is expected to take a week and then tiling of all walls, ceilings, all seating areas, and floor will proceed immediately thereafter until completed.

Resurfacing of Men’s Shower Area / Hallway / Infra-Red Sauna Room

As soon as we know the exact date of the men’s steam room being completed, we will be scheduling the re-surfacing of all the epoxy floor areas in the men’s shower area. This will require the men’s shower area to be closed for two days. We will inform you of the exact dates of this needed closure the moment we have them so you can plan accordingly.

Installation of the Men’s Infra-Red Sauna Units

As soon as we know the exact date of the men’s shower area re-surfacing being completed, we will immediately be installing the men’s Infra-Red Sauna unit – which are now in Calgary. All the other accoutrements for both the changeroom Infra-Red Sauna units are being procured and will be ready upon date of installation.

Re-Surfacing / Cleaning of Men’s Changeroom Flooring

Upon the men’s Infra-Red Sauna unit being installed / operational, we will be scheduling a couple of days to allow for the entire men’s changeroom tile floor to be stripped and resealed. When we know when this can be completed, we will provide ample notice.

Women’s Steam Room Replacement

Once we have completed all the men’s steam room rebuild, we will then schedule the women’s steam room replacement. This process will be MUCH shorter from a timeline perspective, as all things have been completely negotiated and all supplies for the women’s steam room rebuild will be immediately available.

Women’s Infra-Red Sauna Unit

The women’s Infra-Red sauna room will NOT have to have the same work done that the men’s area has to have completed. As a result, we will be looking to install the women’s Infra-Red sauna unit, as soon as we have all the other remaining items. This will occur in November.

New Equipment Coming

There have been many requests for certain specific pieces of equipment. We are working on a number of fronts, on a lot of these pieces. We stated, that as soon as we are confirmed with delivery dates, we will advise accordingly. A brand-new Hack Squat machine will be delivered the week of December 18th. Lastly, please know that there are MANY other exciting items that our Big Sky Team are working on and as soon as we can announce any of these initiatives and the approximate timelines, we will. Suffice to say, the best all round fitness club in Calgary, will be getting that much better, as we roll out these very exciting initiatives.

In closing, I know it is an easier say vs. do – our entire team appreciates all our members patience and perspectives, as we have worked, and continue to work, through our post construction issues. They are time consuming, frustrating, inconvenient (insert expletive deleted as required) – we know this – it is for us too. Just know, we are always endeavoring to deliver Heightened Member Experiences, each and every day, for ALL our members. While we will occasionally stumble, we will own our shortfalls, and use them as teaching opportunities, to hopefully never be repeated.

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,
Brian R. Strong
President & CEO
Big Sky Fitness Ltd.

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