Member Update Re: Big Sky Fitness Filming Policy 2023

Posted November 2nd, 2023 by Big Sky Fitness Management

Big Sky Fitness - Legacy has been open for just over a year now, and we could not be more thrilled with the community that is growing every day in our club. We see each of you training on the gym floor, filling up our classes, working out with our incredible Personal Trainers and joining our team on fun Adventure Series and club events. Everyone on our team is excited and energized for the next year to come. 

We continually take note of the feedback our members share and are currently working on multiple items that have come to us because of these valuable conversations. 

One key item that has been brought forth multiple times and from varying perspectives, is the policy we have on filming within the club. The current policy is that filming is allowed, under the conditions that it is non-intrusive, and no other member or staff person is within the video or photography frames being done. 

There are many members that take advantage of this being allowed and have offered positive feedback about the beautiful aesthetics of our club and the natural lighting that is found due to our nice big windows. We also have many in our community that use our space to film their social media content, sharing this with us and tagging us as part of their extended community as well.

However, there are also members that are very uncomfortable with the filming that they see, and it can be very difficult to know if they are in fact within the shot or not. It taints their workout experience and they do not feel safe or that they can use the space openly as they are always looking for the potential of cameras. For some, there are also further reasons to be concerned about this, as their job restricts them from appearing on public forums or social media. 

Our Senior Management team has had many discussions and meetings over the creation of this new policy. We see the points being made on both sides and want to provide a space that all our members can openly enjoy. Through these discussions, we have made the decision to amend the current filming policy, with all preferences in mind. Below you will find the new filming policy, effective immediately. 

Big Sky Fitness Filming Policy – November 2023  

Filming at Big Sky Fitness is allowed under the following parameters: 

There will be various times during the week when filming is NOT permitted

Filming is permitted in studios during these times and at all other times, we encourage and thank you for tagging us at @bigskyfitnessyyc 

At this time, we are not permitting outside photographers/videographers, even if they are with a member. Should a member wish to utilize our space for photo shoots with an outside photographer/videographer, they must seek permission on an individual basis. We are establishing further potential policies that might accommodate this in the future.

Thank you for helping us to create a space that has accommodations for every member. Your attention and adherence to these policies allow our community to work together in having open spaces that everyone can enjoy equally. 

Thank you,

BSF Management Team

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