OCT 28 – Member Update

Posted October 28th, 2021 by Big Sky Fitness

Hello Big Sky Fitness Community,

Restrictions Exemption Program

Thank you so much to all of our members who have been supportive and understanding through this latest set of government regulations, regardless of which side your beliefs fall. We have had some wonderful (yeah…..let’s use that word) conversations and have been able to find solutions that suit the vast majority of our members. This is sincerely appreciated and we are always very proud of the members that have continued to support Big Sky through these ever-changing, and challenging times.

Quick reminder - as of this past October 25th, we must require full vaccination (a minimum of two shots). For those that have had their first, we will have to ask to see the second by that date to continue access to the club. Alternatively, we are still allowed to accept a proof of negative test, per the rules at Alberta Health. 

On November 15th, members that have not been in and yet shown their proof of vaccination will be required to show this by the Alberta vaccine record with QR code per the Restrictions Exemption Program. If you have already been in and shown your proof of vaccination, you will not have to show anything again, we have on file that one of our team members has seen and accepted your proof of vaccination and that will remain.  

Renovations / New Legacy Club

I know a lot of my credibility has been used up on this point ): Quite simply – the last 20+ months has been challenging to say the least. I will not re-hash it – I think everyone knows how hard it has been – for everyone. Those challenges caused a continual evaluation and re-evaluation of priorities and # 1 was always keeping the club open AND safe AND keeping our amazing team of staff employed and their families taken care of. Larger club improvements just got delayed. No sooner did plans get revised, a second wave – start all over…a third…a fourth. Just challenging.

It has been a whirlwind since we reopened back in June! We have had ups and downs and the Senior Team has been “drinking from the firehose” (as they say) trying to get everything organized and ready to complete the next phase of renovations at Silver Springs as well as get things off the ground for construction at the new upcoming Legacy location! Well – we ARE close with both and both will be being done at the same time. I am just finalizing tenders for drywall and then we will be starting. And because I learn after the third and fourth mistake (quick I am), I am NOT going to give a date of completion hehehe. Please know, we will be moving as quickly as possible.

Silver Springs

We are sure you’ve heard some movement and noise behind the tarps at Silver Springs (and some of you got to experience a little dust too). We have completed most of the HVAC and electrical. This week welders were in to ensure the ceilings were secure and ready for the next phase. Our team was able to move a lot of equipment, opening up space to prep the floors and the contract for the drywallers is close to being awarded, so they can begin work very soon!


We have the keys! What an exciting day that was! We have been working with equipment suppliers (for new equipment that will benefit ALL THREE CLUBS) and much of that ordering is completed or close to completion. We have a team hard at work preparing for the opening of the sales centre and cannot wait to open those doors (November 10th) and welcome our new members to Big Sky. Be sure to send your friends and family and when time permits, come see us yourself! The plans are ready and construction is set to begin! 

Did you know? 

It is no secret what impact this pandemic has had on small businesses in our province and city. Big Sky still has 20+% of its membership base on hold and we completely support those members and their personal choices for medical and safety reasons. 

That said, our business relies on providing a value proposition that appeals to a certain demographic within our city. The current membership base of Big Sky is reflective on who we, as a company, like to attract to our clubs.

It then only makes sense, that the largest driver of new members for our clubs comes from our existing members (73+%) and their referrals, of usually like-minded friends and family.

Thus, we would just like to put a little reminder out there, that we have several initiatives that synergistically assist Big Sky and those participating members:

Did you know…that for every person you refer, that enrolls on a pay-as-you-go membership, you receive ONE MONTH FREE!  For every single member, with no limits! Some of our members have had as much as a year + free, taking advantage of this win-win offering.

Did you know…that every new member automatically qualifies for a complimentary Lifestyle Assessment, a Dynamic training session with one of our certified Personal Trainers and complimentary monthly InBody analysis scans. If you are an existing member and have not taken advantage of these perks yet, be sure to stop by the Member Services desk and they will arrange your complimentary sessions upon request.

In closing, it cannot be stated enough on how proud I am to be part of this community – our members and especially the entire staff of Big Sky – IT IS a special place that you all have contributed to building. It is a journey that never ends but the excitement and joy is in the quest for ongoing and continual improvement, be it personally, professionally, spiritually or business-wise – all of which, are noble causes.

Yours in Fitness, Sport & Adventure,


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