Personal Training Updates: May 2022

Posted May 17th, 2022 by Big Sky Fitness

At Big Sky Fitness we are proud of our Instructors and Personal Trainers. We firmly believe there is power in having a coach to guide you through your fitness journey. We also love celebrating our team members. Click here to learn more about our Personal Training team member, Murray…

Name and Nick name (if you have one):

 Murray or Murr

Where were you born?

Calgary, AB

How long have you been a Personal Trainer?

Since 2016

What are your certifications/education?

What is it that you love about being a Personal Trainer OR Why did you start personal training?

I started personal training because of my background in sports and the feeling I felt when I originally accomplished my first fitness goals back when I was 16.

When you attend one of my training sessions you will leave feeling...

Like you have accomplished something new, learned something new, or feel better than when you walked in.

Outside of the class you teach/coach/train, what is your favorite way to experience fitness, sport and/ or adventure?

The way I train myself is a combination of strength training and athletic conditioning. I always want to remain strong and lift impressive heavy weights, but I also like to be able to apply that strength and combine it with athleticism. My favourite way to experience fitness outside of the gym is skiing in the winter and playing various sports like football and basketball with friends during the summer.

One fun fact about you OR what is your "go to cheat" treat or meal?

It’s a popular myth in the fitness industry that personal trainers always eat skinless chicken breast, brown rice and kale. While I do eat mostly nutritious foods, I will enjoy cheat meals from time to time. Its hard to pick what my favourite is but some popular choices of mine would be cheeseburgers, perogies, or my biggest weakness: ice cream.

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