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Posted December 24th, 2021 by Brian R. Strong

Well, let’s see – what is going on in the world, that you would all like to hear me opine about?

I know – will the Pittsburgh Steelers be able to pull out a winning record this season? Some might care, but probably not a pressing issue…

Will we now get a new events centre in Calgary or not? Nope, do not think that is it either…

There is something that I would like to say, so let us see if I can fumble my way through it.

I have always believed that having a strong positive mental attitude and the will to see things through, would always serve me, my family, my co-workers, and those within my sphere of community, well I have not been wrong.

Have things always gone as I planned? Even after as much as I pre-plan and allow for all possible contingencies? A resounding No!

Have I been hit out of left field, not see things coming – Yup, that too!

Whether its personal, family, business, or community – things usually never go as planned, and are almost never as easy as planned...Give me a hallelujah!

External events and items largely beyond our control will always present themselves and play a part in somewhat shaping what we do, how we respond / act. Additionally, we are all uniquely different, differing opinions, thoughts, priorities etc… and that is something that we all should always embrace, even if you are diametrically opposed to someone else’s viewpoints.

Breath – Be open to listening – Agree or Disagree – Move forward with your convictions – Be respectful.

That said, as different as we can be, we are also remarkably similar, highly connected, and inter-dependant on each other - we choose to live where we live, work where we work, live, and play where we want – Freedom to largely do whatever we choose to do – What a powerful gift to be thankful for!

It was high school, and I had visions of playing professional sports. I was a much better basketball player, but a truer saying “white men can’t jump” has never been more apropos. By process of elimination, football became my de facto dream. As fate and fortune would have it, I was introduced to one of those people (my head basketball coach) that would have a profound impact on my life (far more than I would ever know at that time) and he challenged me, and challenged me, when I stumbled or failed, he pressed me harder. In my three years being coached by him, during the early periods, I wanted to quit, I thought, more times than I care to mention - *@!#$ him! He was not fair, he does not believe in me, he picked on me (poor me) – I could NOT have been more wrong!

As the years progressed, I did not realize it, at the time, but I was slowly being fire and bronzed, forged into the person I would need to become if I were serious about pursuing and accomplishing my goals. He was getting me ready for the next steps of my life. Towards the end of my high school years, as I was training for university (I had received a 5-year football scholarship to Montana State), he introduced me to a Japanese proverb, that he said personified the person I was becoming, and that “he” felt privileged to be a small part of my life and that the rest of my life was up to me. I was now ready to go out into the world and make my mark! At the most formative period of my life, I was so fortunate to cross paths with a mentor / coach, which would have such a profound and positive influence in how I chose to live my life - Thank you, Coach P!

Talk about a gift and one that I do my best to pay forward, every day.

This proverb has been a key part of my being, for my life to date. I have imparted it onto my kids, anyone I have coached, those I have and do work with and anyone who would listen to me blather on – haha – like now…


Clear and succinct!

I am sure It sums up what every single one of us has experienced at some point (many points) in our lives. It is quite simply a life truism.

I share this story, as the last 21+ months, have forged and bronzed me further, even more than I thought could be possible – and that is a lot of forging!

Because it was hard wired into me at an early age – I live and Endeavour to Persevere!

My holiday season wish for each you – Know that you are not alone. That times can get challenging, and it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and the weight of your world rests heavy upon your shoulders – FALL DOWN SEVEN TIMES, STAND UP EIGHT.

Keep up your training – it gives you the physical, emotional, and psychological strength to keep standing up

And together, as part of the Big Sky community – the tether we all share – we will continue to Endeavour to Persevere.

On behalf of all the Team at Big Sky Fitness, I wish you and your families the best of the holiday season and together in 2022, we will continue to steadily overcome any hurdle(s) that present themselves and know that we all can achieve those personal goals, that we set for ourselves

Warmest Regards

Brian R. Strong

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